Colt’s Commentary – August 2022: Ride-share Coverage

Hey there! Colt here,

It’s no secret that ridesharing Apps have become pretty popular over the past few years, with Millions of people driving for them. One thing to keep in mind if you’re going to drive for one is how you are insured. Sure, the ride-sharing companies provide a certain level of insurance, but I’m here to point a few things out… 

  • Lyft and Uber both offer some amount of coverage while you are picking up/ driving a customer to their destination, but it is important to note that unless you disclose to your insurance carrier that you are driving for these types of services (and get the proper endorsement coverage), they will usually not honor a claim, and may cancel or non-renew your auto insurance policy.
  • If you have vehicle damage coverage on your own auto insurance policy (that includes ridesharing), Uber or Lyft will also provide coverage for damages to your

Copper’s Corner – August 2022

Hello Everybody,

Today is the first day of the month AND the first Monday of the month! I just love when that happens; it really makes me think I’m going to start the month off right!

Here is a really motivational quote to get you in the right mindset to give it 100% in all that you do this month. 


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Colt’s Commentary – July 2022

Hey there,

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of Summer, sitting on the beach, thinking of Christmas? If you have, you are not alone!

There is just something about the jolly spirit and holiday generosity that makes people long for Christmas in the Summer… not to mention those hot days that you think to yourself, “would a little snow really be that bad?”

It turns out this isn’t a new thing, people have been celebrating Christmas in July for almost 90 years!

It all started back in 1933 at Keystone, a summer camp in North Carolina, when one of the camp co-founders suggested they do holiday activities such as making fake snow and singing carols to boost the spirits of the campers. It must’ve worked because it became an annual tradition at the camp.

What a fun idea! Now I want to listen to Christmas music and sip some hot (or iced) chocolate. 

– Colt 🎅🎄 

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