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Just bought a recreational vehicle? Awesome! They are so much fun. But protecting your new RV is important, and an RV insurance policy can save you a ton of money in the long run.


What Kind of RV Insurance do I Need?

You’ll definitely want liability insurance in case someone gets hurt when they are on your RV, and will also cover medical expenses they might incur because of an accident involving your RV.

  • You’ll also want damage insurance, which will pay for repairs if your RV gets damaged by weather, fire, other drivers, or any other unforeseen accidents.
  • If you have items in your RV when it gets destroyed by a covered accident, the personal property portion of your insurance can pay to replace those items.
  • You also want comprehensive coverage if you want to protect yourself against things that are not typically thought of as perils, such as vandalism and floods.
  • One other smart option is to insure against theft and vandalism, just in case someone decides they’re jealous of all your fun or they want your RV more than you do.

An RV insurance policy can be confusing, so it’s best to get help when making your decisions on which kinds of coverage you want. Our team is ready and willing to give you a helping hand, so contact us today by clicking the link below.

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