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It might sound like insurance against bad weather, but an umbrella policy is actually very important, especially if your family has a significant amount of assets or a large amount of home equity.


What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a specialized type of liability insurance that provides you with additional protection, usually much more than your homeowners or auto policy can offer.

Typically, an umbrella policy covers you against personal liability claims that stem from accidents and injuries to others on your property or affiliated with your household. It also provides coverage for libel or slander related to these incidents, because it can be costly if someone is accused of one of these crimes.

Umbrella policies can protect you in such cases because they do not involve a deductible and their limits tend to be significantly higher than the limits on your primary policies. An umbrella policy is typically both broader and significantly more expensive than liability coverage found in a standard auto or home insurance contract.

Umbrella insurance is important for your financial security because if you do get sued, it could severely damage your family’s finances. Picking the right policy can be tricky, however, so contact us and let us help you understand your choices. Click below to get started!

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