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Accident Insurance

Put simply, accident insurance is a type of health insurance that pays for hospital care, surgical procedures and various other medical expenses incurred by an insured person due to an accident.


Why is Accident Insurance Important?

Accidents can and do happen to anyone, and while you may be completely healthy today, the reality is that unpredictable occurrences are, well, unpredictable. There’s just no way of knowing if or when one will take place! The longer you stay covered by your policy, the better prepared you’ll be for any surprise expense that might arise due to an accident.

Accident insurance usually comes in the form of a rider – an additional benefit – on a medical plan or as a separate policy.

Some examples of accident coverage include:

  • Broken bones, trip and fall accidents, sports injuries, animal bites
  • Injuries from car collisions, motorcycles and other vehicles
  • Injuries from falls, spills and other accidents at home or work
  • Fires and explosions
  • Diseases that arise due to a sudden accident, such as a heart attack
  • Loss of sight, hearing and speech
  • Dental emergencies
  • Poisoning or injuries caused by illegal drugs

Is Accident Insurance Right for Me?

Honestly, it depends on what kind of other coverage you have. To find out whether or not accident insurance is a smart policy for you to carry, click the link below and let’s talk about it. And don’t worry, consultations are free!


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