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5 Reasons For Financial Devastation (Clinton Twp, MI)

We see five main reasons why people suffer financial devastation when mayhem strikes. We made this video to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Five, they don’t know that flood is not covered in a home policy.

Number four, they don’t realize how often the liability limits of auto and home policies are often exceeded.

Number three, they don’t understand the importance of a personal umbrella policy.

Number two, they don’t prepare for the worst and understand how inexpensive life insurance really is.

Number one, they don’t update their insurance when their lives change.

These items are just a short list of the many hazards that seriously affect our customers lives. How do you protect yourself? Schedule an annual insurance review as soon as possible? Sit down with your agent, your trusted advisor. It’s our job to make sure you are protected and not only that nearly 70% of the time, we are even able to save our customers money.

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