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Colt’s Commentary – December & January


Ho Ho Ho There,

What do you mean Christmas was almost a month ago? Whoops!

December was quite hectic here at McGovern Agency, and like a lot of you, we just celebrated our family Christmas, so I thought I’d share some fun facts that’ll be sure to fill you with joy and cheer!

  • The first song played in space was “Jingle Bells.”
    • It’s true, on 12/16/1965 this was played by the crew of NASA’s Gemini 6A space flight!
    • The song itself was also originally made to be a thanksgiving song. I can’t imagine singing Jingle Bells while eating turkey and mashed potatoes!
  • Many people are afraid of spiders, but in Ukraine, they are symbols of good luck at Christmas.

    • Many families will place a spider web ornament on their tree for good luck!  ​
  • Christmas is the most popular time of year to propose with tens of thousands of people popping the question on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
    • There must be something in the hot chocolate?
  • The record for the most people wrapping presents simultaneously is 1,482 (other than at the North Pole of course)
    • ​​Holy moly that’s a lot of presents!

Hope you found these facts as fun and interesting as I did!

Happy Wednesday!

– Colt 🎅🎄

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