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Colt’s Commentary – February 2023

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

In the spirit of the Holiday (even though it was technically yesterday), I have found a few fun facts about Valentine’s Day to share with you all!

  • Did you know that many households choose to shower their pets with love on Valentine’s Day too??? It’s true! In 2020 almost 28 million American households gave gifts to their pet dogs on Valentine’s Day!
  • Different colored roses have different meanings.
    • Red: Love
    • Yellow: Happiness
    • Pink: Elegance & Sweetness 
    • Purple: Royalty
    • White: Young love & Innocence
  • This one may come as no surprise, but the gift humans spend the most on for Valentine’s Day is jewelry. They spend billions of dollars on it each year!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day and my fun facts!


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