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Colt’s Commentary – July


Hey there,

I’ve decided that Summer is the perfect time to share my favorite mosquito facts with all of you!

Did you know that there are different ways that insect repellents work? One way is by essentially making you invisible to the mosquitoes by blocking their sensors so that they can’t detect you. Isn’t that interesting?

The mosquitoes that do bite you are all female. The protein in blood is essential for their eggs so that they can make more mosquitoes.  This is why the males don’t need to drink blood and actually feed on flowers.

One more thing, if you think you get a bit way more than your friends, that might be true! There are multiple factors that explain why mosquitoes are more attracted to certain people in a group such as Carbon Dioxide production (more is produced when exercising), body odor (Ex: sweating while doing outdoor activities), and the color of clothing you are wearing.

Remember to wear your insect repellent!

– Colt

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