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Colt’s Commentary- March 2022: When to Call Your Insurance Agent?

Hey there,

Did you know that over 6 million homes were sold in the U.S. in 2020? 

It’s true! That’s a lot of people making a big change in their lives, and a perfect example of when to call your insurance agent.

When you make any important life changes, it is important to contact your insurance agent so they can update your policy/ information. 

  • Did you recently buy a house/ change your address?
    • Your agent will need to update your mailing address, so you still get all your documents or billing statements if you receive them by mail. 
    • If you have homeowners insurance, you will need to get a new policy for the new location.
  • Have you gotten a new job which changes your health insurance?
    • Depending on your Auto insurance, certain coverage options require proof of health insurance, you will want to let your agent know so they can adjust your auto policy. 
      • Coordinated PIP could also result in a lower premium.
  • Get married?
    • If you are changing your name or combining insurance policies, these are things we need to know.
  • Have a baby?
    • We’ve posted about this before, but make sure you let your agent know within 30 days of the child being born.
  • Buy/ sell a car?
  • New driver in the household?

These are all some examples of when you should update your insurance agent. 

Keep this in mind next time something new happens in your life. 😊


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