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Colt’s Commentary – May 2023

Hey there,

Lots of people these days do much of their shopping online, thus getting many packages delivered to their house. 

Now, what were to happen if while that nice delivery person was dropping off your new living room rug or festive sign, your dog were to get out and bite them?

Now, now, we know most dogs are friendly and would never, but in the unfortunate event your dog got anxious and bit the delivery person, how would that be covered?

Even the cute tiny dogs can feel intimidated and bite a stranger. 

Would the liability on your homeowners insurance be enough to cover potentially expensive medical bills and legal fees for the delivery person?

Your homeowners insurance should cover the claim to an extent, (depending on dog breed/ bite history/ insurance carrier) but a good way to make sure that you’re covered in case your homeowners liability isn’t enough is to get an umbrella policy. 

Just something to keep in mind next time you click “add to cart”.


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