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Colt’s Commentary – May

Hey there!

It’s Colt again, did you know that May is National Bike Month?

While I lack both the physique and manual dexterity to ride a bicycle, I do enjoy barking at them. That is why I thought I’d share some facts about bikes with you.

1) The longest tandem bike was longer than 20 meters long and could seat 35 people! That’s a lot of people!

2) You would think that you’d need a separate policy to protect your bicycle, but oftentimes your Homeowners insurance covers the bike, and if you are in a collision with a vehicle, your injuries may be covered by the PIP Medical portion of your Auto insurance policy.

3) Friday, May 21st is National Bike to Work Day, a great excuse to pull that bike out of the shed and feel the wind in your hair.

Always remember to stay safe while you’re out there pedaling by looking both ways and wearing your helmet!

– Colt

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