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Colt’s Commentary – October

​Hey there! Colt here,

Let’s talk about that spooky holiday that’s just around the corner.

I know, I know, I kind of did a Halloween-related fact last month, but I’ll take any chance I can get to share facts about Halloween.

  • Today (10/13) is National M&M day, but would you believe that the favorite Halloween candy in the State of Michigan is actually Starburst? It’s true!
    • The runner-up in second place is Candy Corn!
  • The record for fastest pumpkin carving is just under 17 seconds.
    • Those are some speedy paws!
  • The most common costumes for children tend to be princesses and superheroes. Adults like to dress up as witches, and the most popular costume for dogs is a pumpkin. 
    • Top 3 costumes for dogs: 1) Pumpkin,  2) Hot Dog, 3) Superhero
    • Here’s a picture of my brothers and me dressed up as superheroes. I guess the list is correct!

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts as much as I enjoyed finding them!

– Colt ???

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