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Colt’s Commentary- September 2022: Dog Breeds & Homeowners Insurance

Hey there,

Technically August was National Dog Month, but I don’t think we need a reason to learn about the best household pet ever…Dogs!

Here are a few interesting facts about dogs that you may or may not already know:

  • When you pet a dog your blood pressure goes down and so does the dog’s.
    • I’m not sure how you check your dog’s blood pressure at home, but it might be fun to check yours and see if this really works.
  • Only 45% of dogs sleep with their owners in their bed.
    • I feel like that number should be higher!
  • While we think all dog breeds are AMAZING, there are some breeds that are considered more risky/unfavorable for homeowners insurance.
    • Each carrier differs in the breeds, if any, they consider ineligible, but the lists usually include Pitbulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and any dog with a bite history. 
    • What does this mean?
      • Well usually it just means that in the event a dog of an ineligible breed were to bite someone or cause property damage, the liability insurance may not cover it. Your carrier may also choose to not renew your policy. 
    • The good news is that doodles are not on this list! Phew!


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