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If My Adult Child Moves Out, Will They Still Be Covered?

So, you have a child who recently moved out with your car. You leave them on your auto policy to save them some money.

Would the insurance company still pay in the event of a claim? The short answer is NO, and that is because you never want to have any doubt in whether or not coverage applies.

You do not want to give the insurer any reason to deny your claim!
This specific question actually has a very complicated answer, and it all depends on exactly what your policy language states:

If you have adult children living at home who are planning to move out soon, you should consider helping them get their own insurance policies (including auto insurance AND renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance).

​The vehicle should be registered in their name, and the appropriate address should be used when obtaining quotes.

Yes, obtaining a separate policy can be more expensive, but having a denied claim could cost a fortune!

With Michigan’s auto laws set to have major changes in July 2020, we will have even more restrictions on this issue of residency and coverage, stay tuned for more details! 

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