Colt’s Commentary March 2023 – Medicaid Redetermination

Hey there,

In March 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) paused Medicaid redeterminations to prevent individuals with Medicaid from losing their health coverage during the pandemic.

Beginning April 1, 2023, states will resume Medicaid redetermination reviews, and as a result, many Medicaid recipients may lose their coverage and will need to transition to other coverage such as employer plans or the Health Insurance Marketplace.

This also impacts their auto insurance if they have selected the PIP Medical Coverage Option 5 with a limit of $50,000.  This option is only available to individuals with Medicaid coverage.  

If you lose your Medicaid eligibility, make sure to update your auto insurance PIP Medical Coverage!


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Colt’s Commentary – February 2023

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

In the spirit of the Holiday (even though it was technically yesterday), I have found a few fun facts about Valentine’s Day to share with you all!

  • Did you know that many households choose to shower their pets with love on Valentine’s Day too??? It’s true! In 2020 almost 28 million American households gave gifts to their pet dogs on Valentine’s Day!
  • Different colored roses have different meanings.
    • Red: Love
    • Yellow: Happiness
    • Pink: Elegance & Sweetness 
    • Purple: Royalty
    • White: Young love & Innocence
  • This one may come as no surprise, but the gift humans spend the most on for Valentine’s Day is jewelry. They spend billions of dollars on it each year!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day and my fun facts!


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Colt’s Commentary – January 2023: Why Did My Auto Insurance Go Up After a Claim?

Hey there, Colt here!

We’ve heard it so many times, people are afraid to make a claim because they are afraid their premium rates will increase. 

I’m here to go over a few reasons that could be, and also reassure you that it doesn’t necessarily happen every time. 

  • One reason that might cause a premium increase after making a claim is that you might be losing a claims-free or accident-free discount depending on the policy and carrier. 
    • Even if you aren’t otherwise penalized for the claim, your rate would still show an increase because that discount you got when you started the policy would no longer apply. 
  • Another reason for a premium increase after a claim could be that your insurance carrier sees it as an increased risk that you would make another claim.


Copper’s Corner – January 2023

Hello and Happy New year!

The beginning of a new year is always so exciting with lots of possibilities like how many new people are going to pet me this year?!

My New Year’s resolution is to stop stealing my brothers’ toys… we’ll see how long that lasts…


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